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Bluebook Of Pianos. Some p iano manufacturers place serial numbers in various places. The age of your piano is determined by the Serial Number. Pianos also have numbers other than serial numbers, such is the case with part or patent numbers. Some pianos do not have serial numbers when they are manufactured as “House Brands” for large retailers. The manufacturing facilities at East Rochester was comprised of a series of separate and individual factories planned so that manufacturing of the various instruments was carried on in an entirely individual and distinct manner, and by separate organizations, each under direction of men who had been associated with each respective make for many years, thus preserving, unimpaired, the individual and distinctive qualities of each piano. Combined they made a great and powerful contribution to the art of music, for each of the great instruments they produced will continue providing magnificent music for generations to come.

Is My Old Piano an Antique? — Part 1

Rachel Speedie passed up offers at prestigious conservatories to accept a scholarship at USU — and then had to fly home to Nevada to train with her high school teacher when faculty refused to work with her. Carrie Day Franklin slogged through nearly a decade at USU as a mom with young children — but left without a degree because she was denied a chance to play a senior recital. USU launched an investigation into its piano department last month after a student criticized how the school handled her rape report against a teacher.

Recording date on a Welte-Mignon roll label. How do you know a But what about piano rolls for reproducing and player pianos? Stanford.

The new version of this page is here. Wire Recorders! You can date-confirm your own Wurli! Please do and send me the data, which will improve this resource. I had a Eureka moment recently, and figured out that, by August at the latest, all Wurlies used a consistent, cryptic date-stamping system for production of the keys, the keybeds or balance rails and the backs of the action rails where the damper arms and hammers are mounted.

If I may toot my own horn. Apparently: Y WW xxx. Year, and week of the year. So far, data seems to be consistent with other clues. The key stamp date is NOT the assembly date, but probably the date the keys were cut.

Starr Pianos: Dates and Serial Numbers

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This is problematic when applied to pianos—there is no way to define a date of manufacture that automatically qualifies a piano for a certain monetary value.

Note: In Part 1 of this series, this question is answered from the point of view of a piano technician and dealer. In Part 2 , a noted curator of antique musical instruments weighs in with his perspective. One of the most common types of call that piano dealers receive is from owners of old pianos who are convinced that their instruments are antiques of great worth. Most times, these calls end with owners being disappointed to find out that their old pianos are worth less than the cost of moving them.

Among dealers in antiques , the term often means anything more than years old. This is problematic when applied to pianos—there is no way to define a date of manufacture that automatically qualifies a piano for a certain monetary value based solely on its age. Rather, its value, if any, may come from other features of the instrument: ornate casework, superior performance, or its character as a historical artifact. The truth is that most pianos that have survived more than a century have little or no financial, musical, or historical value.

Finally, it should be kept in mind that during most of the history of keyboard instruments, along with exquisite examples of the craft have come very modestly designed instruments priced for the average family. Still, every once in a while, an older instrument with special value surfaces. This can happen, for example, during the settlement of an estate that includes a piano that has been in the same family for generations.

The rest of this article gives an overview of the subject of antique pianos, with an eye toward distinguishing pianos that deserve further research into their possible special value from pianos that are merely old. Due to its imprecision, antique is not a word usually used by experts in early keyboard instruments, a category that also includes harpsichords and clavichords.

How Old is My Piano?

The most accurate way to determine the specific age of your instrument is by cross-referencing the brand name with the serial number. There are a handful of historical publications that can be used to cross-reference brand names with serial numbers in order to determine specific dates of manufacture. While most major manufactures are listed in these archives, some smaller and lesser-known firms may not be listed. Sadly, the history of many obscure firms has been lost over time.

Simply enter your Yamaha piano serial number to find out when and where the Yamaha piano was made or look at the full listings of piano serial numbers.

Finding the age of your Kawai or Yamaha piano is a fairly easy process! This can be found by lifting the lid on the top of upright pianos and is usually at the top of the frame. On grand pianos it is usually at the front of the metal frame behind where the keys are located. This guide can be used to date your Kawai or Yamaha piano manufactured between and For example, for a Yamaha upright serial number was made sometime between and For a Kawai piano serial number , the table shows us that it was produced sometime between May and November

How Old Is Your Blüthner Piano?

It tells the story of an unmarried piano teacher at a Vienna conservatory , living with her mother in a state of emotional and sexual disequilibrium, who enters into a sadomasochistic relationship with her student. A co-production of Austria and France , Haneke was given the opportunity to direct after previous attempts to adapt the novel by filmmakers Valie Export and Paulus Manker collapsed for financial reasons. It went on to receive positive reviews and other awards and nominations.

Erika Kohut is a middle-aged piano professor at a Vienna music conservatory who resides in an apartment with her domineering elderly mother.

Steve repairs Wurlitzer Electric Pianos in the greater New York City area. He makes house calls. You can date-confirm your own Wurli! Please do and send me.

Page updated July One of the first things people want to know when they contact us about an old piano is how old it is. If they are lucky, the previous owners may have some idea, but by the time they have worked out just when it was that Great Aunt Mabel buried her second husband, the odd ten or twenty years can easily get lost. Another thing that often happens is a piano that was originally bought for a child is assumed to have been brand new, but it may turn out to have been reconditioned, and older.

We are rarely able to tell the age of a piano just from a name, and even if a date is available for the serial number, it is often unreliable, as explained on my Numbers page at. If you can send photos to show what your WHOLE piano looks like on the outside, unobscured by dogs, stools, vases, etc. Although it is quite unusual to find dates of manufacture marked on pieces of antique furniture, pianos often do have this information hidden inside, and this is a situation where you may be able to tell us something useful, because you have the clues there in front of you.

It would be nice to see the original receipts and warranties, because we learn a great deal from our collection of these, but many have been lost.

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Forgot Password? Cramer was a highly fashionable pianist, composer, and teacher of the pianoforte. One of the company’s first publications was by Cramer, “Studies for the Pianoforte,” which has had many editions since the first publication.

This page will help you determine the age of your older Kawai acoustic piano. The first step is to find the serial number of your instrument.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have an E Belling upright piano that is about years old – dating from around – that has been in my family since its first owner, my great-great-grandmother, who was given it for her 16th birthday. For whatever it is worth, this piano is in Australia, imported by W. I have heard that E Belling pianos are very common, and old ones are hardly worth maintaining, that they are not worth the price of having it tuned.

However, the website which said this also said that E Belling pianos have a 5-digit serial number, the first two digits of which indicate the year of its manufacture. However, my piano does not have a 5-digit serial number, it has a 4-digit serial, though I can’t remember offhand what it is, though if it turns out to be important, I could take a look.

How old is my Rhodes? What year was it made?

Online services are available. For updates visit library. Learn more about the Libraries’ entry requirements and available services. How do you know a publication date? For most books, simply look for the copyright or edition information at the beginning.

but when I do, and if my boyfriend can’t play piano, I’ll teach him this duet that Paul Barton composed. There are 2 duets in there and they’re easy.

Invariably we come before a square piano and want to know how old it is. Generally, the most satisfying answer would take us to an exact year. The reality is that this is not always possible, even for pianos made for very well known firms. Style and construction are strong indicators of the general period a piano was made. The earliest pianos are all petite in appearance, generally shallow in case height, and less than 5 feet long.

A typical early name plaque. Other examples are unknown. Pianos were sometimes refitted for French Frame stands early in their life to keep up with changing styles and currency. Around , a six legged version was introduced, possibly to accommodate the increasing size of the instrument, and to keep in style. Turned legs replaced square tapered legs, and added embellishments of brass collars, turned and reeded, teardrop shapes, etc. This style would continue through the s.

American pianos would move into ornate cabriole carved legs, sometimes with astonishing designs. Occasionally other legs styles were also used such as pedestals, lyres, and other fanciful leg shapes. In addition to style, we can sometimes further refine our dating from the serial number that may be on the piano.

Ballet Piano – On Point

How old is my Rhodes? This is one of the more frequently asked questions of our workshop when pianos are brought in for restoration or repair. If you lift up the vinyl lid of your Rhodes you will find that there is a four digit stamp red, blue, or black depending on the year that will tell you what week of what year your Rhodes is from.

Home; Date Your Piano. Here is a list of top makes of piano to help you find an age of your piano. For more information on other makes of pianos please see or.

He makes house calls. Model Serial Please note that this number is NOT a date stamp. Every instrument has a distinct number. They are not completely chronological, but ranges of numbers are allotted to runs of instruments in a model or series. There is more information about this elsewhere on the site. A A serial badge on the back of the instrument. They were using up plates! After lifting the lid, the action rail stamp is the easiest of the crucial date stamps to find — but we want to get additional stamps if we can, as this may not be the latest date.

Occasionally it is at the bass end in the first year of the stamps. This is a A. To read the key dates on any series instrument or beyond, you need to remove the amp rail. This is from a Model

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